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“I always wait a little too long before I go see Dr. Dana, so I am usually in pain when I walk through her door. I think I can “get over it” by myself, although I know I have osteoarthritis as a result of multiple injuries from a car accident over 40 years ago. After an adjustment I feel immediately better, and by that evening my pain has subsided. I have my energy back because I am not fighting pain, and I have not given into taking pain medication even though my former orthopedic doctor said I needed it. She has made such a difference in my quality of life.”

“Our child was referred by her pediatrician to the ENT for tube surgery after multiple recurrent ear infections.  We decided to try chiropractic care instead and found Dr. Dana to be highly skilled and knowledgable about kids and their specific needs.  She told us exactly what was happening in our child’s body.  It was so refreshing to get such specific education.  After several adjustments our child was amazingly better in every way, and the sleeping better at night was a much needed improvement for our family.  We will continue bringing all our children into Dr. Dana to allow them to have the same chance at a healthy beginning.  Truly AMAZING!!”

“After years of pain, debilitating headaches and lost days of work and family time, I now see Dr. Dana several times per week to manage my pain. I am off all medications and have had the most pain free days in my life I have ever had.  She is such a blessing to me and my family.”

“I have not have good success with chiropractors in the past and so I was skeptical that I could find someone I could trust.  Not only is Dr. Dana amazing at what she does, but she is very good at educating me on a healthy lifestyle and what that means for me. Now that I know my body is self healing and that my nervous system controls and coordinates everything in my body, I feel confident that chiropractic will help me be healthy in every way by eliminating the cause and allowing my body to regain proper function.  She is a true healer and really cares about her patients.  I look forward to my regular treatments and will never go without care again.”


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