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Do you seek freedom from pain?  Would you love to feel your best every day?

We are all searching for the answers to our pain and dis-ease.  There is seldom only one solution to any one problem, but understanding the cause  will give you a better direction.  I believe that health is on a continuum, with function at is core and not simply a state to achieve based on presenting symptoms or lack there off.  We are all changing on that continuum frequently due to the unpredictability of our lives and the stress of the human experience that makes our lives so flavorful.  However, we do have choices every day and choosing health is for a lifetime and not just a moment.   Chiropractic care is an essential practice in our health care system for everyone beginning at birth all the way through life.  As a chiropractor I enable the ability of the body to find its innate balance by removing nervous system stress through specific subluxation based adjustments, thereby creating a healing environment, a stronger sense of well being, increased adaptability, and increased performance and vitality.   This is the place we excel in all aspects of our lives.  In my experience, this is what we are all searching for, but we are unsure how and where to find it or are unwilling or scared to do the work necessary to achieve it.  What is stopping you from becoming the best you possible and starting the journey now?

Are you seeking individualized care?

Taking a holistic or whole person approach is important in creating a healing environment as we are not simply the sum of our many separate parts, but more importantly each part must be coordinated effectively and efficiently through a well “tuned” adjusted nervous system.   Every person is unique and therefore every situation taken as such.  We promise to take the time necessary to help you understand the root cause of your dis-stress or dis-ease, advise you on a plan to achieve your goals, guide you in choices you will need to make, and journey with you on the path towards your optimal level of health, watching you every step of the way.

Are you trying to start your family?  Already pregnant?  Having difficulty getting pregnant?

When the body is not responding in the way we expect it to, removing interference in the nervous system through chiropractic and looking to nutrition and important lifestyle changes is a conservative alternative approach to expensive and invasive treatments.  Pregnancy is a blessing, yet it places a large stress on your body and ensuring that your body is functioning with all systems at 100% preconception is essential for a happy healthy birth, baby and beyond.  In our society we are inundated with what we can and can’t do during pregnancy and often times fear is used to guide important choice.  We will help guide you in what is simple and most effective, so you can enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and feel empowered by your body’s amazing ability to do it naturally.  The benefits of chiropractic care are endless, gentle, safe and effective for pregnancy, baby and beyond.  It would be our honor to share the experience with your family and help you to glow, before, during and after your pregnancy.

What does chiropractic mean?

Chiropractic is a word descended from ancient Greek meaning, “done by hand”.  Basic chiropractic philosophy is grounded in the principle of innate intelligence, or the body’s ability to heal itself.   You see this in the simplest form when you cut your finger and in several days there is not a trace of its existence.  Your body has the knowledge; it just gets congested with an abundance of daily interference/stress in the form of thoughts, traumas and toxins.  This interference manifests in all systems of your body, but can be directly influenced through the nervous system, which is your body’s central control system or computer.  Chiropractors use gentle and specific adjustments of the neuromusculoskeletal system to release the interference from the nervous system and create a healing environment for your body.

What is a vertebral subluxation?

      • When bones of the spine (vertebrae) are not correctly articulated or misaligned and fixated or not moving properly, it results in a condition known as a subluxation. This lack of proper motion and fixation is what is defined as dyskinesia.   Because the brain relies on proper proprioceptive input from the spinal core (vertebral column and spinal cord) to organize energy input and output effectively and efficiently, it is widely understood that this dyskinesia leads to dysafferentation of the information traveling the network that is our central and peripheral nervous systems.  This simply means there is a garbage in, garbage out model or dysfunctioning within our control system of our body.  Since the body requires homeostasis or balance in all the intricate systems for proper function, one can see the devastating effects of subluxation on all the individual systems of the body, knows as dysponesis.  This is the dysfunctional, but reversible state of pathophysiology (disease process) and means the body is no longer using energy efficiently and effectively, losing the ability to adapt to the environment.  Dysautonomia is apparent when the autonomic nervous system or automatic part of the nervous system becomes distressed and that is reflected in organ, gland and tissue dis-stress and without proper intervention leads to disease.
        There are tools to measure all these processes and deliver superior care.   We strive to be leaders in our community providing evidenced based, subluxation focused chiropractic care and we use the most advanced technology available to do so.


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