Success Stories

- Anita Z. 4/18/2019
"Dr. Dana has helped me gain a lot of relief from chronic back & neck pain. She is always caring and very gentle. I trust her completely to work on me and know she will be very competent and get to the bottom of the issue always."

- Becky S. 3/9/2019
"Dana has been treating my step daughter since birth and my other daughters multiple times for various mechanical problems and they all love their adjustments and know to ask to see her whenever anything hurts. She has worked on my chronic headaches and nonstop sport and klutz injuries and takes the time to make you feel like you matter and never rushes through an adjustment."

- Tara D. 11/10/2018
"Dr. Dana and Dr. Tina are extremely kind, patient, caring and professional. They are very attentive and thorough and have helped me heal and improve my body/health tremendously. I couldn't recommend them enough, and I can no longer imagine my life without chiropractic care ."

- Peggy C. 2/28/2018
"I have been seeing Dr Dana since she first got done from Palmer Chiropractic in 2010, and I love her. She is very thorough, and cares about helping you heal fully. Not only, is she very skilled at working with the spine, but she has shown me exercises that help me strengthen and heal areas that were chronic issues, helped with nutrition that was causing continued issues, and helped me with how to manage my stress. She is so knowledgeable about so much about the body and health and she has been such a life saver, I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr Dana :-) She just cares so much about helping people, and that’s so important."

- Kayla P. 2/22/2018
"They are super amazing! Beyond sweet and super insightful!"

- Beth S. 2/22/2018
"I love plum tree chiroprac care. Dr dana has changed and saved my life. Not only with adjustments but with health living and lifestyle info. She is very caring and her staff is amazing. Amy is always willing to go the extra mile to help."

- Alta M.  2/15/2018
"The kindness and grace offered by both Dr. Dana and Dr. Tina are amazing! At 9 months pregnant I couldn't think of a better and safer place to be. As I have two steel rods in my back I am a little skeptical of seeing new chiropractors but I have finally found a gentle home to ease my body through this transition! So grateful to have these doctors in my life now! "

- Whitney R. 5/30/2017
"Dr. Hotka is more than a doctor. She is a friend and a gift to be around. She is a sounding board for all things healthy and good. I cannot say enough good things!"

- Brittany K. 2/28/2017
"Dana has gotten me through hard times many times. When I was sick and didn't know why, stressed out, or in pain - she always has answer that doesn't require me taking any prescriptions. I moved out of state and have been looking for a chiropractor as good as Dana for the past year, and it's just not possible. I see Dana every time I have an opportunity. She'll treat you like family, and always support you, answer your questions and make you feel healthy and happy again! I couldn't recommend anymore more highly!"

- Kristina K. 2/22/2017
"Dr Dana is the best! She listens to you and is so informative as to ways to improve your health! My life has changed in many ways from her activator adjustments. I can go in with a pain and discomfort and leave feeling so much better!"

- Ashley B. 1/3/2017
"Dr. Dana is amazing! Not only is she so easy going, and super easy to talk to - but she is a extremely knowledgeable as well. She takes the time to to teach you everything you need to know about your body, and truly helps you become a healthier you!"

- Charley O. 8/21/2016
"Dr. Dana is hands down the best chiro my family has ever seen (and we have been to quite a few!). My oldest has always been scared to go to the chiro because she hates having her neck cracked. After the first few adjustments with Dr. Dana--she is asking me to go! She sees a difference in the way she feels, and we are seeing an improvement in SO many aspects of her life. We love that she doesn't "crack" you back in place, but just fixes the problems in a very gentle way. I can't stress how important it is to have your kiddos seen by a chiro--Plumb Tree is the best in the area for sure."

- Lindsey C. 8/5/2016
"Dana is amazing & so wonderful with babies and kiddos! She is full of useful information for all!! We took both of our babies in very new and has helped tremendously improve their gas/colic/reflux & overall comfort! We with love Dana & what she has been able to do for us!!."

- Nicole L. 8/4/2016
"Dana is amazing. My son asks to see her. She is gentle and knows what she is talking about. Very knowledgeable."

- Marissa R. 8/1/2016
"Dana is excellent and passionate about chiropractic care!"

 Joelle H. 12/15/2014
"Dr. Dana is simply amazing. A truly genuine person. The only one I trust to keep my body in motion. I recommend Dr. Dana to everyone I talk to."

- Susan P. 3/1/2014
"I have been going to Dr. Plumb since she graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College over 3 years ago. I have managed back and neck pain from a serious car accident in 1971 through various types of chiropractic, and my entire body feels better since I found Dr. Plumb. Her advanced activator technique works well for me, and I can almost always get an appointment the day I am really hurting and need one. Her office has a big parking lot and is located close to New Pioneer Coop and the Coral Ridge Mall so I can combine my trips if I plan ahead. In addition, she has a small gym in the office where she can teach me workout techniques that won't hurt my various injuries. I am certain that if it weren't for Dr. Dana Plumb, I would not be able to keep up with my 8 grandchildren as well as I do currently"

- H Michele N. 3/4/2013
"Dr. Plumb is very gentle and takes as much time as needed to make you feel better. She genuinely cares about your overall health and making you feel better."

-L.H“Our child was referred by her pediatrician to the ENT for tube surgery after multiple recurrent ear infections.  We decided to try chiropractic care instead and found Dr. Dana to be highly skilled and knowledgable about kids and their specific needs.  She told us exactly what was happening in our child’s body.  It was so refreshing to get such specific education.  After several adjustments our child was amazingly better in every way, and the sleeping better at night was a much needed improvement for our family.  We will continue bringing all our children into Dr. Dana to allow them to have the same chance at a healthy beginning.  Truly AMAZING!!”

-Annonymous “I have not have good success with chiropractors in the past and so I was skeptical that I could find someone I could trust.  Not only is Dr. Dana amazing at what she does, but she is very good at educating me on a healthy lifestyle and what that means for me. Now that I know my body is self healing and that my nervous system controls and coordinates everything in my body, I feel confident that chiropractic will help me be healthy in every way by eliminating the cause and allowing my body to regain proper function.  She is a true healer and really cares about her patients.  I look forward to my regular treatments and will never go without care again.”

-Annonymous “After years of pain, debilitating headaches and lost days of work and family time, I now see Dr. Dana several times per week to manage my pain. I am off all medications and have had the most pain free days in my life I have ever had.  She is such a blessing to me and my family.”

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